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The Oscars

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Feb-23-2011

I am having one hoot of a time, fuddling about with The Oscars. This is Karan’s thing. I cannot watch it though , for the timing does not work. Yup, I am Europe. I have The Boyfriend offering to fix that DVD recorder, but he cannot, for it is all involved in that fool surround sound system. The Boy says that he will wake me up, if I call him in sick the next day at school. Not going to happen.

I would like to watch it, for, in the end, I am bored. And I also once had a glimpse beyond the veil.

We are now going to go down memory lane. I went to Smith, everyone here knows this. Fine. And I had a roommate. Lauren. They always hook up people from MA with people from far, far away. OK, She was sortof from Chicago, and maybe Santa Inez, CA.

Nobody is going to believe this, but perhaps this is why Lauren and I became roommates :  her father wrote a moderately successful book called * Kane’s World*. I would not make this up. Go to Amazon, go to Google.

And with the money he made ( I guess) from this book, he went on to make a film, called *Corn Bread Earl and Me*. I think that my brother is the biggest fan of that film. Look it up. I am not lying.

Lauren never told me about this, at first. She wanted me to like her for what she was. And I did. She was the best friend that I ever had. But my brain snapped when I went to visit her in Santa Ynez ( this is Michael Jackson territory) one summer.

I could go on about this, but back to the Oscars. Lenny ( I could never call him Lenny) and Barb always went to ( or does one attend) the Oscars. little to do with the quality of acting or the film.It was so political, or something like that.

We all know that Leo is not going to get an Oscar, and *The Aviator* was more than good. Any film that he is in, is not going to get a major Oscar. I do not know why. Cameron wrote the crappy dialog for Titanic, we all know this, look what happened to Winslett, a superb actress in that film.

But I did indeed have that glimpse under the veil, once. And the Oscars are not the truth ( I am big into truth), there are layers and layers of options , like who can get more awards then Katherine Hepburn ?

Karan, back to the mundane. I need to buy sheets. I do not want to iron and they should feel cold. And I hate pilling ( those little fuzzy balls).

  1. Karan Said,

    You were much closer to Oscar attending than I have ever been but I think that unless I’m up for one, I could not abide the crowds and maybe not even then.

  2. Mummy Dearest Said,

    I agree. I am really more concerned about getting new sheets. But Lenny and Barb ( I really liked Barb, second wife and all) and Lauren somehow conveyed to me the untruth about the Oscars.

    I think that they will be there on Sunday- they usually are. I drove these two, perfectly pleasant and charming people absolutely nuts one summer, in that phenomenal house in Santa Ynez ( this was a ranch) : I could not talk to them. Not unless Lauren was around. If Lauren was there, I would talk to Barb, which was oddly easy, considering that I liked Lauren’s Mother- Joyce- very much ( she had some kind of mink that was the very exact color of her hair. I was really out of my league with Lauren’s family. Joyce took great photos. I have two of them, somewhere. And this was before digital and Photoshop).

    But I suppose that they will be there. And I really liked Barb. She went to all of this Oscar crap, but in the kitchen, she would tell me, I was just a little polish girl and look where I am now. That was not gloating at all. She was simply amazed. And I just stood there, this rather silent Edward Gorey figure, listening to her, and imagining her back in Chicago or Detroit. They had real art on their walls.

    I really do need new sheets, though. And we are all sick here. It sounds like a TB ward.

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