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Posted by Mummy Dearest on Mar-5-2011

Birdie died last night. Or perhaps early this morning.

Birdie was a male sparrow.

A note should be made of this.

I knew that Birdie was going down hill. I was going to let him cross that river and be free, this spring.  But I knew that Birdie was not doing well. I had called Bird Sanctuaries, last year, around here, but a sparrow did not hit  the top ten list. There actually is a waiting list at these places, and a sparrow does not cut the mustard.

Truth be told, no one is upset by Birdie’s death. That is just the way it is. I did not want him to die, but I am not crying. I am a bit surprised, I really did not expect this, so soon. But I did know that he was one miserable bird.

That is why I was going to let him go.

Within hours, someone asked me if I wanted a new bird.

I did not say this, but I do not buy birds. I give them refuge from the storm. I promised myself this. I would never, ever walk away from an injured bird again.  They usually die. And if they do not, you have to let them go once they are better.

I have to clean up Birdie’s cage and make sure that it is not tossed out. I am not walking away from an injured bird, ever again.

I promised myself this.

  1. jo Said,

    a moment of silence for birdie.

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