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Posted by Mummy Dearest on Dec-14-2012

Should have used my camera....

  1. Catherine Said,

    Fantastic, thanks for letting us see a photo

  2. Karan Said,

    Proof of fun!

  3. Mummy Dearest Said,

    Yup- I am still short . The Boy was in hero heaven and is holding my new cane ( once the ice lets up). Should have used my camera, though….

  4. Dorothy Said,

    Very nice!

  5. Amelia Said,

    Oh, I love this photo. All those smiles!

  6. Mummy Dearest Said,

    It was a wonderful time. Just being me. And someone liking me just for that. He felt bad that we didn’t have more time together, but I was like, hey, we would have gotten bored real soon and two days are better than nothing, after 30 years.

  7. Stacy Said,

    2 days of fun and happy is priceless. You are short!! uhm.. I mean fun sized!!

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