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Dank Je Wel

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Jun-23-2014

I dumped some garbage today. I don’t like garbage in the place. It reeks of hoarders. My garbage goes into an underground container right across from the big butt and beautiful cathedral that The Big City is famous for. After I dump my garbage, I always either lean against the wall of the library or sit on a window ledge belonging to the library. And I look at the cathedral.

So, I am sitting on a window ledge, looking at the cathedral, minding my own business, and a younger man walks by and says to me in Dutch that I look like shite . I don’t think I looked like shite- although I do need a touch up on my hair. And I responded in Dutch, saying thank you.

He walked on, muttering very loudly.

Moral of the story : do not dump your garbage in the city center an hour and a half before the Dutch team is playing in the World Cup. I should have known better.

  1. Catherine Said,

    Goodness, I wonder what was going on in that man’s mind to make him behave like that? Nothing to do with your appearance, I’m sure. Your response was well judged.

    Lovely to see you!

  2. Catherine Said,

    Sorry the States got knocked out, I very much wanted them to win last night.

  3. Mummy Dearest Said,

    Now tonight…. I hope for the best but fear the worst.

  4. Catherine Said,

    What a shame!

  5. Karan Said,

    I’m sorry you were verbally accosted by an asshole. The best we can all hope for for people who behave so badly toward others, is that karma will kick in when they least expect it…and mostly right in the middle of some important football game.

  6. Anonymous Said,

    Ohh, what stinker he was! Nice to see you!

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