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Posted by Mummy Dearest on May-17-2018

Sometimes things just sortof *niggle* in my mind. I know that this is very silly of me and more than pointless. But it is there.So, I signed up for this very *green* energy – for my electricity-here, costing a tad more, and mostly supplied by wind.

A comment was made- from someone, somewhere- that this was not really a practical solution to energy…issues…problems.

And my response was, well, you know, it is really rather windy in The Netherlands. Maybe because we are such a flat country, hit by the winds of the North Sea and all.

Be-bopping in and out of the Land of Nod last night, a number of things floated to the surface of my mind.

For one, I do not live in *Holland*.

I live in The Netherlands. A reasonable translation would be * The Low Lands*. If one insists that I live in *Holland*, it is kindof sortof like calling all of the U.S. * New York*.

I am not going to make a fuss about this, but it is a misnomer. Up there with calling the Pennsylvania Dutch Dutch, when they are German.

*Holland* sortof descibes two provinces in The Netherlands. I live in North Brabant.

Where was I ?

Oh yes. Me signing up for *green* energy ( for my electricity) supplied by wind.

So, I could not sleep last night.

And up popped this thought in my mind :

When folks think of Holland, what do they think of ?

Rhetorical question, I know,

4 things : cheese, wooden shoes, tulips and WINDmills.

I would like to say that I then fell into a peaceful and gentle sleep,

Of en to.

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