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Mother Hen

Posted by Mummy Dearest on May-17-2018

Well big old fudge. Lately as the sun rises, I can hear a nest of wee birds howling for breakfast. If I had been told that this nest was located right above my bedroom window, I would have had no problem believing this.

I knew – from the volume- that it had to be some flavor of Corvids. While I- in general- am afraid of birds ( I saw that Hitchcock film, yes I did)- I do like watching birds and I have a serious fondness for Corvids ( note that photo in my profile).

I was guessing that I was hearing the offspring from either a Magpie or a Jackdaw.

Watching the trees outside doing line dances in the wind this afternoon, I spotted the nest. On the tippy-top branches of this huge horse chestnut tree just to the right of my bedroom window.

That nest is on a gut dropping roller coaster ride at the moment.

Well, big old fudge. Hang in there, nest.


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