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Posted by Mummy Dearest on Jun-27-2018

The setting : the sun has just risen ( read : 5.30-ish am). Mummy Dearest is sound asleepĀ  ( hallelujah !) in her little Mary Poppins bed, a black tank top wrapped around her eyes. You see, she has left that big butt sunshade up so that the houseplants get a good dose of sunlight before Casa Mummy Dearest moves into the dark side of the day.

Teenage – or perhaps prepubescent – Magpie is standing on the edge of Mummy Dearest’s open bedroom window ( at least, Mummy Dearest is convinced of this- hidden under her black tank top, it is hard for her to REALLY know):

Hey ! You there ! What’s for breakfast ? I’m hungry. Seen Mom or Dad ?

( Mummy Dearest is thinking : I once worried about your nest being blown out of the trees….)

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