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27.12.2018 ( from FB)

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Dec-28-2018

One of Mom’s ruby rings has been sold.( not by me). Hope that the new owner loves it as much as Mom did.

Bank records of the jewelry store which sold it show that Sally Hamers received a ratherĀ  large payment for numerous pieces that the jeweler purchased from her.

The Girl.

And this is a fact, not *defamation of character*- this is what is in the jeweler’s records.

I never would have sold that ring . And it was one of those you -gotta- wait- until- I- die- kiddo things.


  1. Karan Said,


  2. Mummy Dearest Said,

    I am pretty pissed off as well. According to The Girl, I gave her ALL of my jewelry.

    Ha ! When pigs fly I did. I gave her one ring- Mom’s aguamarine- when she turned 18. That is her birthstone. Casa Kitchen is also reading this, following it. Casa Kitchen stalks this site. I am sure that if it is she , she is presently foaming at the mouth and trying to figure out some way to bring criminal charges against me. For telling the truth. Please note that I chose my language very carefully here- I inferred a lot.

    Quick ! Go and look up just what *inferr* means…

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