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The Gathering Storm

Posted by Mummy Dearest on May-22-2018

A storm is brewing.


You know, a real storm.

No rain yet, not much wind.
But the thunder is a rumbling, like back in Omaha. ( Buffalo stampeding across the prairies)

No lightening to be seen yet, just a momentary brightening of the sky, which is that odd greeny color.

Nothing cosier- in my mind- than being inside and hearing that rumble of thunder.

Time for comfort food- will this be that chunk of lasagna ( which I insist has to be healthy… in some sortof way, as it contains almost a kilo of sandy spinach) or my ever faithful barley soup ?

I do love me a storm.

This has to *wrong*, in some sortof way.




Posted by Mummy Dearest on May-17-2018

Sometimes things just sortof *niggle* in my mind. I know that this is very silly of me and more than pointless. But it is there.So, I signed up for this very *green* energy – for my electricity-here, costing a tad more, and mostly supplied by wind.

A comment was made- from someone, somewhere- that this was not really a practical solution to energy…issues…problems.

And my response was, well, you know, it is really rather windy in The Netherlands. Maybe because we are such a flat country, hit by the winds of the North Sea and all.

Be-bopping in and out of the Land of Nod last night, a number of things floated to the surface of my mind.

For one, I do not live in *Holland*.

I live in The Netherlands. A reasonable translation would be * The Low Lands*. If one insists that I live in *Holland*, it is kindof sortof like calling all of the U.S. * New York*.

I am not going to make a fuss about this, but it is a misnomer. Up there with calling the Pennsylvania Dutch Dutch, when they are German.

*Holland* sortof descibes two provinces in The Netherlands. I live in North Brabant.

Where was I ?

Oh yes. Me signing up for *green* energy ( for my electricity) supplied by wind.

So, I could not sleep last night.

And up popped this thought in my mind :

When folks think of Holland, what do they think of ?

Rhetorical question, I know,

4 things : cheese, wooden shoes, tulips and WINDmills.

I would like to say that I then fell into a peaceful and gentle sleep,

Of en to.

The Soul Sisters

Posted by Mummy Dearest on May-17-2018

I want to identify those two soul sister trees across the street from me, which I have eyeballed and have decided that come rain or storm will not bash through my 1970′s plate glass windows. I could just walk across the street and grab a leaf, but- eh- that is too simple, isn’t it ?.

Walking to the grocery store today, I noticed that my whole street and area are covered with deciduous trees. And some of them seem to be quite old indeed.

I could tag the Maples ( Canada!) the Oaks, and then.. my knowledge of trees kindof peetered out.

I suppose that I could just walk across the street, look up and determine what sort of tree The Soul Sisters are.

You know, I am one really lazy woman.


Mother Hen

Posted by Mummy Dearest on May-17-2018

Well big old fudge. Lately as the sun rises, I can hear a nest of wee birds howling for breakfast. If I had been told that this nest was located right above my bedroom window, I would have had no problem believing this.

I knew – from the volume- that it had to be some flavor of Corvids. While I- in general- am afraid of birds ( I saw that Hitchcock film, yes I did)- I do like watching birds and I have a serious fondness for Corvids ( note that photo in my profile).

I was guessing that I was hearing the offspring from either a Magpie or a Jackdaw.

Watching the trees outside doing line dances in the wind this afternoon, I spotted the nest. On the tippy-top branches of this huge horse chestnut tree just to the right of my bedroom window.

That nest is on a gut dropping roller coaster ride at the moment.

Well, big old fudge. Hang in there, nest.


Oz ?

Posted by Mummy Dearest on May-17-2018

A lot of wind going on here. Someone remind me once again why my choice of having my electricity supplied by wind energy is unrealistic.

( Moi- the woman who has just used caustic soda).

I should check the weather reports, although, truth be told, I have eyeballed those big trees swaying back and forth across the street at this very moment and they are not tall enough to smash into my 1970′s plate glass windows.

I am very confident in this assessment of mine.

( I have to check Weerplaza about this. Yes I do.)



Posted by Mummy Dearest on May-17-2018

A while ago, I was wondering what *soda*( Dutch stuff) was, and Ian let me know that it is caustic soda. ( always handy to know a geologist- trust me).

Then I was thinking, why do I have such nasty stuff down there in the cupboard under my sink ? Why on earth did I buy it ? What do I use it for ?

A very clear lapse of memory.

It is indeed there, under my sink, along with green vinegar and rolls of baking paper, tin foil, Eco-friendly plastic wrap- you know, usual under- your- sink stuff.

Today I looked at this pot of mine. It had been stewing a combination of mint tea ( no. I do not have a tea pot.) and green tea, mint ( despite the hype, I do rather like Green Tea).

So, I am looking at this pot, and I am thinking, where is that soda ?

THAT’s what I use that soda for : Mission Impossible.

One can only try.


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