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Protected: Shhhh! Do Not Tell Daddy !

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Aug-14-2015

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Posted by Mummy Dearest on Aug-29-2010

The Father is sick once more. I found his pills.

We were playing a card game with Opa, a very Brabant game, when The Father turned pale, and then red, and then we stopped the game.

Opa came with his new dog, I call him Junior, his real name is Castor. The advantage of having a house that is is mess, is, well, what can a puppy really destroy ?

I start a new job tomorrow.

Work Work

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Aug-10-2010

It seems that after one year and three months of unemployment, I shall be bringing in a paycheck once more.

Hey, it is a great excuse for not cleaning toilets…

June Cleaver

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Oct-5-2006

Since Cecile was diagnosed with death last November and did indeed die last Spring, it sometimes seems that everything in my head has changed.

The effect of her death upon me has been a shattering event, or, perhaps, has simply led me closer to being an adult ( although, at odd times, I wonder if there is any such animal as an adult. If you ask anyone who is old, how old they feel deep within their souls, they never seem to feel older than 30).

If you saw me now, the one thing that you would immediately notice, is that I have lost a lot of weight. From hovering around 57 kilos, I now weigh 44, 45, depending- perhaps- upon the weather.

I want to stop the work- work that I do.

And I want our house organized.

Every two weeks, they pick up our non- green garbage, and in the shelter of the darkness, we haul out bag after bag of rubbish that Mummy Dearest has evaluated and said “good by, you ugly thing” to. My little room of my own is the War Office, where all meet their fate.

Today, I started on The Boy’s room ( life can be so complicated, in dull ways, at times. The arrival of the chaise means the formal dining room table – usual function : throw junk on it- goes up to The Boy’s room. Spread out to it’s full two meters, it will provide a place for his keyboard and computer). I cleared out the little attic above the girl’s bathroom and linen closet and that shall be transformed into The Boy’s Lego Room.

Yes, Mr. Jo is coming soon.

Six bags of rubbish were tossed out of The Boy’s room today, those Komo bags with white wire ties.

And, to use a much overused phrase, his room ain’t seen nothing yet.

Is it death or is it nearing 50 that brings these changes ?

Haven’t a clue, but I am weary unto death of the phrase “it is up in one of the attics” meaning “and shall never be seen again.”

I want to be rid of the dross in our home, in my life.


Posted by Mummy Dearest on Jan-6-2006

It’s Friday night, after a full week of vacation. The Father is at the company party. I could have gone as well, they sign my paycheck too, but I’m not good at being a businessman’s wife, and so I pass. People are used to this, for I always pass. One of my sister-in-laws takes over as Queen Bee, which is fine with me, she is good at being gracious and well dressed. I am not.

But Friday nights without The Father simply aren’t really a good Friday night. The kids squabble and I suppose that I shall end up watching some film with them.

Feeling a bit blue, I find myself looking up old friends that I once met via blogs and lost via, via, via who knows what. Actually, for the most part, I do know why.

Kiril is still around, and I am mighty pleased to read that his luck seems to have turned, that things are going well for him.

As is Kathryn, who seems to be following a path which does not surprise me.

Jeff is still around as is Mikey. Suppose that these two will always be linked together in my memory.

I can’t find Maire, can you, Steph ?

And Angie, Tired Little Brit Girl- TLBG- who I actually met in London, who started me blogging ( Karen might be amused to hear that Angie simply quivered all over when Vaughan- yes, your Vaughan, linked to her. Small world, eh ?). Poof ! She pulled her computer’s plug out after Nick ( Duh, I’m tall) left her and little Harv shortly after their Disneyland wedding.

Never thought much of Nick. It shows, I know.


Wrong road to go down on a Friday night.

Tic, Tic, Tic

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Jan-5-2006

I have three days to get control of the company name once more.

I have no idea how Edwin got it away from me, but it seems that the sands are passing much too quickly.

Today on the bus, we see the wife and daughter of the family that The Father wanted to *win*, members of the family which does so much for town and did not have a stinking ticket.

Save the whales, sure.

Is save the Samaritans another option ?

There has to be something else, which will acknowledge their good deeds.

So. Some one dutch, tell me how to apply for that thing that will at least give this family an order from Oranje Nassau ?

After all, that is what those kindof things are for.


Posted by Mummy Dearest on Dec-13-2005

Still working on Christmas, but it is now looking do-able.

What is not so simple to solve are the company’s email problems. You see, a few years ago – while I was running around eating scallops at The Back Porch in Destin- they had email problems as well. To solve these problems, they moved the company site to a dutch hosting plan and made someone else their tech person.

It is not that easy for me to fix things now, since I haven’t one shred of authority. But it is clear to me that they have to move, that I have to control the paperwork side of the site ( like, the domain name) if they want things fixed …yesterday.

Have I mentioned that the sight of all of her glittering presents under the tree is just .driving. The Baby. nuts ?

Revenge is mine, said the Lord.

Form Follows Function

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Dec-1-2005

Today, a man came to talk with me about a web site. The short version is what I had supposed would happen : I had seen a brochure that he had designed and figured that that would set the theme for the site. This does not make me the Einstein of insight, I have just noticed that if people have a paper design that they are pleased with, they would like to have a site in the same tone.

The long version is that the man was once high up on the corporate ladder and is very intelligent. Not to infer that there is any surprise in the two going hand in hand. But he did present a very understandable ( for me) crash course on the psychology of a site, or perhaps even a nutshell version of the psychology of advertising.

Many things that he told me- such as the impact of colors and the in- one- ear- and- out- the- other of the written word ( if you know what I mean) in advertising- I found very interesting. I actually had the feeling that gobs of money had been spent- at some point in time- testing reactions to color, to styles of web sites, on test subjects. Things I had never really thought about before.

When The Father came home for dinner, he asked me how the meeting went. I can never tell a story about a meeting, I simply cannot get things into a chronological order.

But I was pleased when I came up with the suit analogy. The site, I said, basically has to be a good business suit. It has to be that first impression that one gets before the guy opens his mouth, is it cut well, are there real button holes on the cuffs ? Are all the things that should be there there ?

And that is all the site should be. Oh yea, it should be wearing a power tie.

Today a man told me that content- in this case- was irrelevant. In fact, at one point, he almost said, no, no, no, that is content, don’t want that.

What is wanted is a good suit and Think Mink.

Yep, I found it interesting, another view. I have always believed that form follows function and that only content and a decent navigation system matter in a site. All else is fluff.

Work- Work

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Sep-9-2005

The other day, I settled down to take some photos for the local light bulb company here. In the middle of editing them, the battery on my camera died. I put the battery in the recharger and…nothing. I put my extra battery in the recharger. Nada.

I can’t determine if the problem is the batteries or the recharger, but I do indeed have a problem: I can’t use my perfectly good camera without batteries.

A rather prolonged search of the Internet resulted in rather grim news : at two years of age, my camera and the batteries it uses are on the verge of becoming obsolete. This is the Coolpix 4300. I had a very, very hard time finding replacements, ones that would work here.

In fact, a new new recharger and two batteries ended up costing just about the same amount as a brand new Coolpix 4300.

Some how, I can’t help but notice the built in obsolescence.

Rather a chumpy feeling, if you know what I mean.

Why ?

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Sep-5-2005

Since I have been back, nothing seems to go right or smoothly with work- work. Today was yet another day when nothing that I did really worked.

It begins to depress me. Really.

I know what I have to do, and that is to wake up tomorrow seeing it as a fresh new day, not another piece of a pattern. I have to simplify things to h*ll and back. I have the design, I simply need to plug in the content and not fuss so much over just how I plug it in.

This is very good advice.

And that is just what I shall do, for- after all- tomorrow is another day.

*har- I feel just like a High School football coach*